Is it just me, or does Scion’s Audio/Visual department deserve weekly bonuses and a large raise? Scion have been churning out so much quality content lately, it’s actually becoming quite the hassle to keep up with! Come on guys, slow it down a bit. But just kidding, don’t do that thing I just said. So in case you missed it, here are some things our Corporate Messiah has provided for us in the past couple of weeks in a nice little one-post package that we can all enjoy together. Cheers!

Live Decapitated Video for ‘View From a Hole‘ and ‘Pest

More videos and releases after the jump.

A Live Suffocation Video for ‘Catatonia

A Live Revocation Video for ‘No Funeral‘ and Across Forest and Fjords

A Live Origin Video for ‘Expulsions of Fury


And for those who missed it, Scion have also unveiled several other awesome little free releases, such as free EPs from Corrosion of Conformity, Witch Mountain, and most recently Arsis! Man, Scion is just killing it in terms of metal releases. Definitely give Scion a subscription on their YouTube videos and well… view them! They are very deserving of the ad revenue we can provide.  Let it be known that this is more of a highlight reel than anything. The label also have an onslaught of interviews from hardcore bands Expire, Terror, H2O, Soul Control and Verse from when they did a Bridge Nine Showcase concert and just because they don’t half ass anything, they recorded a split 7″ EP with Expire and Soul Control too. Don’t fret though! There’s more! They have an interview with Decapitated, Church of Misery and Oxbow (if you’re into that sort of thing)! I hope I didn’t overlook anything, but that should keep you guys busy! You know… until the next onslaught of aural and visual pleasure to spew forth from these bastions of free music! Enjoy!

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