As we near the end of the year, and possibly the end of all years if Quetzalcoatl so wishes to return on the 21st, every single website on the internet seems to be posting their 2012 “best of” lists. Best video games of 2012, best cooking recipes of 2012, best blow-jobs of 2012. If there’s a site dedicated to a thing, that site more than likely has posted a 2012 best of list, centered around that thing, or they plan on doing so very soon. We here at Heavy Blog are currently hard at work piecing together our own unique best of lists, and while I can’t yet tell you what they are going to be centered around, I’m sure most of you have a pretty educated guess — hint: it involves oral sex and baked goods.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys these types of list, then this is the best possible time of the year for you. And if you’re a metal fan who likes these type of lists, then you’ve probably already gone insane from all the awesomness. I guess. That being said, even if you see these lists as pointless, and arbitrary wank-fests of subjectivity, you’ll still probably end up reading and arguing over at least one of these damn things. So here’s a few “best metal albums of 2012” lists that I found interesting to hold you over until the obvious choice of best “best of lists” of 2012 are posted — you know, ours.





Having Blog will be posting our best of lists next week, December 17th through the 21st. So tune in then and see if your favorite album made the cut.

– EC

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