We continue our daily themed playlists outlining the various possibilities of avant-garde music with a look at bands who are heavily influenced by jazz. Free jazz, smooth jazz, and jazz fusion combined with metal can lead to some of the most creative and technical music out there. Let’s get jazzed up.


Spiral Architect – Spinning (2000)

Ephel Duath – Ironical Communion (2003)

Naked City – Bone Orchard (1993)

Alarum – Non-Linear Parallels (2011)

Blast Muzungu – Gabba Blast (2006)

Panzerballett – Meschugge (2005)

Dog Fashion Disco – Pogo The Clown (2003)

Yakuza – Be That As It May (2010)

Frederik Thordendal’s Special Defects – Sol Niger Within (1997)

– JR

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