“Who will be the fourth man?” reads the caption of this photo on Aegaeon‘s Facebook page. If you haven’t been in the loop with these guys over the past few months, they’ve lost frontman Jim Martin, who still remains one of my favorite vocalists in any metal band to date. More importantly for the continuation of these upcoming metal titans, who’ll replace Martin’s sub-sonic growls in Aegaeon? Well as far as I’m concerned, look no further than Pathology‘s Jonathan Huber.

Huber was supposed to fill in with Aegaeon as their vocalist for a Canadian tour that was unfortunately cancelled. This would lead me to believe that at the the band thinks he’s capable of the job, which he absolutely is. Don’t believe me? Observe the footage of Huber and Aegaeon very loudly demolishing the entire universe below during rehearsals.

If I were to base this entire article off just that video, it would be the shittiest speculation this site has seen to date. In order to help you see what I’m seeing, head on over to Pathology’s website and click on the section that deals with the band members. Where’s vocalist Jonathan Huber? Just to be sure it isn’t an error on the site or something of that nature, their Facebook page is displaying the exact same information.

I’m well aware that the band were holding video tryouts for the frontman spot, and as of October 15th posted a picture of them actively watching the videos on their Facebook page. This was also the last time they posted about checking out the audition material, which is roughly around the time they had started practicing with Jonathan Huber for the cancelled Canadian tour. Keep in mind that Aegaeon and Pathology have also been tour mates on the Slaughter Survivors Tour this summer, which means they’ve had more than enough time to be around each other and get a feel for personalities during a tour cycle.

Oh, and then there’s the rumor that Pathology are taking a break from touring right now, or at least playing very few shows. The only one scheduled right now is for December 23rd, which marks their first show since August 19th. The last date of the Slaughter Survivors Tour. Could this be due to a lack of vocalist? I guess we’ll find out in the coming months (or weeks. My guess is as good as yours).

The bottom line is that I really, desperately hope I’m right about this.

– GK


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