The Contortionist‘s sophomore album Intrinsic is among one of my personal highlights from the year. It’s been a few months since I’ve heard the record in its entirety, but it remains a likely candidate for my top-10 list (which is coming later this month, by the way). One video from the album for the track ‘Causality’ was previously released, but I was in the knowledge that they had filmed another video that day and I’ve since been wondering when they’d unveil the second video. Here we are, five months later, and the video for ‘Dreaming Schematics’ is now available!

The performance portion of the video is tastefully done and looks awesome. That other stuff, I could leave out. Apparently the two videos from Intrinsic are correlated, which is cool, bit as a standalone video, the plot of this one seems sort of tacked on and doesn’t really go anywhere despite the interesting visuals. This is why context matters! Watch both videos to get the album if you haven’t heard it yet. Intrinsic is out now on eOne Records.

– JR


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