We’ve mentioned Heavy Blog contributor Noyan Tokgozoglu’s NYN project before, but now the progressive death metal act finally has a release under its belt. NYN’s debut EP  The Anachronist really is is a standout independent metal release, and I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with the guy. Fans of bands like Obscura, Death, and Atheist should enjoy The Anachronist.

The Anachronist is a conceptual piece, telling the story of a god named Ynareth The Destroyer, who has come to destroy humanity. The tale comes to a head in the very theatrical ‘Conquering Worlds’ when a nomad leads an army to battle against Ynareth. You can stream the EP (which also features a cover of In Flames‘Jotun’) below:

The Anachronist can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp! Be sure to visit NYN on Facebook as well, as progress on the second EP — titled Equivalence — continues!

– JR


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