Leeds very own alt-rockers cum post-hardcore merchants Hawk Eyes (known as Chickenhawk until recently are a band that you should probably familiarise yourself with. Their most recent album, IDEAS, dropped earlier this year and has slowly been building fanfare over the last few months, coinciding with the bands recent tour schedule, including the show where they blew me away — opening up the main stage at their hometown’s Damnation Festival.

Fans of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, At The Drive In or even The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s more pop-centric moments will most likely find themselves at home here in a band that create punchy songs that flirt briefly with both weirdness and technicality, with album opener ‘Witchhunt‘ being the perfect example of that. And hell, if that doesn’t do it for you, you could try the three other music videos that have been released in support of the album.

– DL


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