It would appear after a 17 year long hiatus that legendary British goregrinders/melodic death metallers Carcass may be set to make a return in 2013. According to the primary source Blabbermouth (yeah I know, but sometimes we just have to dream), the band, now comprising of guitarist Bill Steer, bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker and Heaven Shall Burn drummer Matthias Voight, recently wrapped up recording with illustrious producer Colin Richardson and are looking for a label to release the album sometime next year.

You’ll probably notice the absence of longtime guitarist Micheal Amott, who was an integral part of the Necroticism/Heartwork era, but you’d have to assume he’s probably busy in Arch Enemy alongside the band’s most recent touring drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Which begs the question, what exactly would new Carcass sound like? Its not as though they’re short on choice, but I can’t see them making a full return to their goregrind roots, even if it would please the purists. If their reunion tour setlists are anything to go by, it’s that equally-as-classic early 90’s sound that will get an airing, but regardless, I think I speak for everyone when I say “I really really really hope this doesn’t suck”.

– DL


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