There has been a large run of really dangerous accidents for touring bands lately. First Baroness, then Glass Cloud, and now The Acacia Strain. Tuesday morning the band were involved in a serious accident, and were forced to drop off their tour with Veil of Maya, which had just begun. Losing a touring van or a bus is a pretty big deal when you’re a band, as that’s your main means of making money; going from show to show, clearing up debts through the shows you play. So losing one of those bad boys can put a huge dent in a band’s momentum. While I’m sure the band are just happy to be safe — as we all are — they are undoubtedly troubled by these recent events, and are in need of some financial help to re-coup their losses.

Taking a page out of Glass Cloud’s playbook, the band have decided to release some limited edition shirts that commemorate this truly awful of events. Simply dubbed “[The Acacia Strain] Flip Tee”, the shirt features a picture of the crash emblazoned on the front and the words “This sucks more than anything that has sucked before” on the back, a quote from the infamous Beavis and Butthead cartoon, the character from which are also featured on the shirt. It’s a nice little gesture that shows the fans that the band have a sense of humor even when faced with such a monumental set-back. We wish the band the best of luck, and I for one am definitely going to be getting one of these shirts. You can order yours here

– EC



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