Gather ’round kids! It’s time I told you about the new Steven Wilson album entitled The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories).

Once upon a time there was a brilliant musician named Steven Wilson, who announced his new solo album due out on February 25th via KScope Records. Steven didn’t want this to be any ordinary record, so he recruited the likes of Guthrie Govan for magical lead guitar duties, Nick Beggs to hold down the lowdown on bass guitar, Marco Minnemann to create confusing percussive landscapes on drums, Adam Holzman to add the details on keyboards, and Theo Travis to serenade you to sleep saxophone and flute. This was all topped off by  legendary producer and engineer Alan Parsons, who engineered the album. “Where have we heard about this line-up before,” you might ask yourself among all the excitement!

It’s the live line-up. Are you dense? Anyway, check this track list out!

1.  Luminol (12.10)
2.  Drive Home (7.37)
3.  The Holy Drinker (10.13)
4.  The Pin Drop (5.03)
5.  The Watchmaker (11.43)
6.  The Raven that Refused to Sing (7.57)

Now everyone say it with me… ready? FUCK YES, LUMINOL! I’ve been absolutely in love with this song since the live album and may have killed it into by listening to it every day on my way to work. Maybe. I know the track times might scare off some people, but remember who we’re talking about here.

The man knows how to keep it interesting.

– GK


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