What with the recent rise in the popularity of doom rock a la Ghost and The Devil’s Blood, I’ve been lazy about checking out other bands in the genre. Doom has never really been my thing, even though I like a lot of the new bands popping up in that whole scene. Despite my enjoyment, I still don’t feel an attachment to that particular microcosm of the metal scene. I need to make strides in this regard ASAP.

I took the initiative to look into the band Ancient VVisdom this week, as the band are streaming a new track and have pre-orders for their upcoming record Deathlike. I’d put off listening to the band because I greatly dislike the gimmicky name — just use a W, shit! — despite how poorly reasoned that thought process is. If the new track is any indication, the band changes things up ever so slightly in that they aren’t necessarily Black Sabbath worshipers (though it’s obviously there) so much as they are fans of Alice in Chains. There’s plenty of doom brooding and dark atmosphere and lyrics, but those vocal harmonies are undeniable. Check out the album’s titled track ‘Deathlike‘ below:

Deathlike will be available February 5th on Prosthetic Records. I will now visit the band’s 2011 debut album A Godlike Inferno in the meantime.

– JR


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