French symphonic deathcore group The Bridal Procession, whose last album Astronomical Dimensions was well received around these parts, have announced their plans to disband in 2013 following the release of their final album Descent Into Arcologies. The band explains all in the statement below, taken from Facebook:

There is no easy way to put it so let’s get straight to the point. After almost 6 years, The Bridal Procession is calling it a day.

Throughout the years, TBP has been what you could call a cursed band. Van wrecks, stolen gear, stolen money from associates and collaborators, countless member changes, horrible financial health, constant foreverlasting set backs of new music release and so on. It happens to most bands after all, but the love of music always overshadowed the worst times, the worst financial hits, the worst disappointments, until eventually, one day, the thread starts to get thinner and thinner and you just have to rip it off when you realize it’s hurting you more than anything.

Months ago, I told the rest of the guys that I would be leaving the band because my life was falling apart and I had to get back to the full time real world grind. I suggested the band should carry on without me because I really believed in the potential of the guys to bring the band back up on its feet and on the road again in support to our new album. I even personally picked potential new vocalists to step in my place but a straight “No. There is no point in us continuing on without you.” answer from the rest of the band made it clear what had to happen.
It is in a way, the most difficult decision I have ever had to take in my entire life. We, as a band, are all best friends and family, and there is nothing else we would have ever wanted more than tour the world together for years. But sometimes, life is hard and you have to deal with it. Always.

Let’s make it clear once and for all, our new album Descent Into Arcologies WILL come out along with our two music videos. Siege of Amida Records will be handling the worldwide digital release and we will arrange very limited physical copies for anyone interested in the real product. More informations about this will surface soon.

Thanks again for all your support, love and patience throughout these bumpy yet life-changing 6 years. I started this band as a 16 years old kid and it honestly made me who I am today. It never really went in the right direction but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You live and you learn.

A huge thank you to our record label Siege of Amida Records, Jamie & Darren for being the first ones to actually give us a chance and believing in our music, anyone who has ever spent their hard earned cash on us whether it be buying a CD, merch or a ticket to a show, every promoter that put us on a show/tour, all bands we have toured or shared the stage with and even anyone who has ever nodded their heads at a show, told a friend about us, shared our social networking sites…etc. We love each and everyone of you for giving us the time of the day.

Our last wish as a band is for you to go out today and support international and local artists, buy their music, buy their merch, offer them a home for the night. The artists you love might seem “almighty” on stage, but truth is, off stage, they need all your support to survive. If you love music, if you want to keep independent music as a whole alive, support it, any way you can.

Our final show as a band will be happening early next year.

Steve, Tuan, JF & Andy.

It’s a major bummer, but the band can’t be faulted for having to make this tough decision — it clearly was just too much for them to handle. Keep a lookout for news of their final show and their swan song Descent Into Arcologies in 2013 by visiting them on Facebook.
– JR

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