When it was announced earlier this year that Jesse Leach had rejoined Killswitch Engage as their permanent vocalist a lot of people got really, really excited. Which is totally understandable. Killswitch’s original line-up recorded two of the most ground breaking albums in the early part of the last decade; the band’s self-titled album, and the critically acclaimed Alive or Just Breathing. Both are pretty great albums, but the latter in particular holds a spot in hearts of most metal fans, and will probably go down as the definitive metalcore album. And even to this day it sounds fresher and much more energetic than practically any other metalcore release that’s being peddled in today’s market.

With all that said, Jesse rejoining the band doesn’t guarantee that the band is going to be putting out another great album, or even a decent one at that, and that’s okay, because as soon as we found out that Leach had rejoined, people started to realize what year it was. 2012, the tenth anniversary of Alive or Just Breathing. While it originally started out as sheer speculation, with absolutely no evidence, people really had high hopes that some sort of tribute to the album would be played. And well, Killswitch isn’t made up of a bunch of dummies. When the lineup for California Metalfest was announced, Killswitch announced that they would be performing their seminal sophomore album in full at the fest, as well as performing during the album’s tenth anniversary tour. A pretty smart move on everyone’s part.

As Cali-Metal fest took place this weekend, it’s no surprise that a diligent fan was able to capture the full performance, and upload it to the internet. I haven’t had the time to watch it myself, but from what I hear the band was pretty amazing. So while you can bet this video won’t be the most crystal clear quality, you’ll still probably get an impression of the awesomeness that took place. You can view the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

– EC


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