When I picture The Dillinger Escape Plan and potential labels and respective music scene, I never remotely thought of the possibility of them and Sumerian Records teaming up, but we now live in a world where this is the case. The Dillinger Escape Plan and their own label Party Smasher Inc have signed to Sumerian Records, with a new release promised Spring 2013. The announcement was made alongside a new video featuring live footage of the band, above.

A lot of people seem to be up in arms over this pairing, and I think it’s ridiculous to automatically expect Dillinger to make a drastic shift in sound that they haven’t already been making on their free will thus far. The Dillinger Escape Plan are already an established band with a rabid fanbase and massive influence, so Sumerian would have nothing to gain by trying to influence the band’s music. They likely come with a nice check by underground music standards as-is. If anything, Sumerian would try to get them to tour more extensively, and that’s okay by me; I have yet to see this powerhouse live.

And let’s be honest, Dillinger are way too smart to enter a deal at this point in their careers that would put their creative control at risk — that’s the point of operating under their own Party Smasher Inc label. I’m sure Dillinger has the ability to shop for many labels, and it’s clear that Sumerian had the best offer to suit their needs. So long as the band gets the support they deserve, they’re golden.

Keep your eyes on Spring 2013 when new Dillinger comes our way through Sumerian Records and Party Smasher Inc.

– JR


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