2012 has been a standout year for Australian metal, with the release of stellar albums from the likes of Melbourne bands Ne Obliviscaris, Be’lakor, Elysian and Okera, and the emergence of, amongst others, Sydney’s Gods of Eden, whose EP was praised here at Heavy Blog by Nayon just a few weeks ago.  As if that wasn’t feast enough, another band that is starting to make its presence known is Melbourne tech-death metellers Hadal Maw, who have recently released a promotional film clip to their song, ‘Shadow Caste’, and a guitar play through video to their song ‘Merchant of Aeonian Pulse’, both of which you can take a look at below.  Featuring members of a number of other well established bands, including Alarum‘s drummer Rob Brens, and guitarist Ben Boyle from A Million Dead Birds Laughing, it’s obvious from these two tracks that despite not yet playing a live show, Hadal Maw are poised to make some massive waves, what with their polished mix of Gojira-like groove, a riffing style  reminiscent of the great Vogg, and tastefully technical flourishes, all performed with a supreme level of confidence and skill.  Certainly, a band to keep an eye on for the future, but in the mean time, satiate your appetite by downloading ‘Shadow Caste’ and ‘Merchant of Aeonian Pulse’ from Bandcamp, and heading over to ‘like’ them on Facebook.         



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