This is quite a treat for all of you constant readers who prefer to err on the sludgier side of the metal spectrum. We recently informed you of the forthcoming compilation album from Savannah, Georgia sludge-masters, Kylesa. The compilation of b-sides, unreleased tracks, and reworkings of older songs titled From The Vaults, Vol. 1 is due out for release November 20th. And that just happens to be today! So you should probably go pick that think up, as it’s quite a great collection of tracks. It feels just like a new album, and while the diminished role of Laura Pleasants on vocals was a bit disappointing, overall it is a great collection of tracks, and a worthy gem in Kylesa’s already gleaming discography.

However, if you’re short on cash, or you would simply like to ‘try before you buy’, now you can do so in a completely legal way. The wonderful people of Kylesa in collaboration with the equally great people over at Loudwire have supplied us, the metal populace, with a free stream of the new compilation in its entirety. Get your fix of Kylesa here. Making this all that much better is the fact that along with the stream is a small update on the band, which states that after their small European tour the band will immediately enter the studio to record an all new album that they plan to release in 2013.

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that Savannah, GA natives, Kylesa, are easily one of the best and most consistent sludge bands to emerge from the modern metal scene. While their Georgian sludge metal brethren Mastodon and Baroness have all but abandoned their sludgy ways in favor of more progressive tendencies, Kylesa have stayed true to their sound, and over the years have been able to release five phenomenal sludge records littered with elements of psychedelia, and delicious crusty riffs. With the release of this compilation Kylesa are once again proving that they know how to make wonderfully heavy, and groovy sludge metal leagues ahead of their contemporaries. God Bless you Kylesa, and here’s to a speedy and successful recording session.

– EC


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