A little while back, we posted a picture of Heavy Blog contributor and Carthage guitarist Noyan Tokgozoglu’s new custom nine-string guitar design, and it sparked a little bit of controversy. Some folks thought the idea of nine-string guitars were cool, and some of you thought it was unnecessary and over the top. Noyan issued a response in an editorial on extended range guitars and low tunings that addressed all these issues. At the end of the day, yes, there are people who buy extended range guitars just to do the low chugs, but they’d be doing that anyway with the six-strings. Noyan’s a great guitarist though, and will surely use his one-of-a-kind guitar to its full potential.

Created by Etherial Guitars luthier Matthew Brown, this custom-built carbon-fiber nine string was designed with Tron in mind, a film that Noyan is a massive fan of. The guitar even glows in the dark! A full specs sheet can be seen below (click to open full size in a new window) along with other photos of the guitar:

  • Kahler 2229FF Bridge with brass nut
  • Sperzel Trim-Lok machine heads
  • BareKnuckle custom 9 string pickups
  • Carbon fiber construction with internal polyurethane core
  • Redgum cored neck with carbon shell
  • Body, neck, and head: 5 layers of 190gbm “twill” weave carbon
  • Fretboard: Unidirectional carbon
  • Glowing inlays
  • 15’ fredboard radius
  • Fanned scale 27.5 – 26’
  • 24 jumbo frets 2.8mm wide
  • Thickness at nut: 18mm
  • Thickness at heel: 22mm
  • Width at nut: 63.5mm
  • Width at 24th: 85.725mm
  • Master tone (with pull kill)
  • Neck volume, bridge volume
  • 3 way pickup selector
  • Total mass: 4kg (1.8kg without hardware)
  • Tuning: AbEbAbEbAbDbGbBbEb

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For more information about Etherial Guitars and Noyan’s custom nine-string, you can visit Etherial on Facebook.

– JR

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