It’s hard for a metalhead to get into the holiday spirit what with all of the lame non-denominational holiday music being played (aside from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, of course). Decibel Magazine and Agoraphobic Nosebleed have both apparently started a tradition in which they attempt to promote and distribute brutal and chaotic music inspired by holiday cheer. Last year, Decibel released a flexi-disc of Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s first Christmas EP A Joyful Noise, and now they’re at it again with ‘Merry Chrystmeth.’ The flexi-disc is available in this month’s copy of Decibel, but you can watch the video for the track below. It’s probably NSFW, due to all the drug references and blurred nudity.

Merry Chrystmeth from Handshake Inc on Vimeo.


There’s something strikingly frightening of the juxtaposition of cheery childlike-innocence with the filthy world of meth addiction, wouldn’t you say?

– JR

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