Internet-based progressive/technical deathcore band Slice The Cake has inked a deal with burgeoning record label Myriad Records. The band and label have decided to announce their new partnership through Heavy Blog, and you can read statements from the band and the label below as they detail the impending releases (yes, plural!) and stream the band’s new track ‘The Siren’s Song.’

First off, we’re proud to announce our signing to Myriad Records!

Myriad is a great independent label with some real ethics fueling them, rather than being an exploitative machine that destroys artistic expression. Some other great bands that have worked/are currently working with Myriad are The Schoenberg Automaton, Bleeding Skies, Friend For A Foe & Ever Forthright. Myriad’s a great little family of musicians and we’re stoked to be joining them!

Leading on from that, we shall be releasing our next album Other Slices through them, first through all good digital distributors and on CD + 10″ Vinyl Picture Disk soon after. For this album, we wanted a release from the thematic intensity of our previous work, an opportunity to bring in some guest musicians, and a chance to show people what gets left on the cutting room floor.

Though that’s not to say we think these songs are somehow lesser works than anything we have released to date, but rather this album is a collection of songs we felt were great that just didn’t fit into our previous releases for a variety of reasons. Some of it was written after the release of The Man With No Face, some of it before, some of it is a drastic departure from what we’d usually do, some of it is more traditional, but we think you’ll find it all equally delicious…

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Blow Up Voodoo Doll
2. False Illumination
3. Nebulayer Cake
4. The Siren’s Song
5. Fractal Exam Sequence
6. A Dance With Dragons
7. 4th Dimensional Obversation
8. Cleansed
9. Genghis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You!
10. The Great Migration
11. Kow Otani’s Castle in the Sky

And to satiate your appetites, here’s the first slice from our incoming collection of baked goods…


Since Other Slices is mostly about looking back, we felt it important to give our fan base some insight into where we’re headed, so we are also happy to announce our next conceptual pieces “The Man of Ash and Rust” and “The Man of Stone and Silver.” This duo of EP’s will expand upon themes we have flirted with before, while adding to our own conceptual cosmology that was given life with the Cleansed and The Man With No Face.

Musically, they will be a big departure from anything you have heard from us previously and will have far more organic production (and real drumming!)
We don’t want to say much more about these for now, but more information will be coming soon…

Here’s a statement from Myriad Records owner Jaime Gamble:

“To have a band of the calibre of Slice The Cake on Myriad is great, just listening to their previous work it’s clear to see the talent on offer, they’re an incredible band, and I feel this is a huge signal of intent on our part, we’re here to get the cream of the crop to have on our label, and in my opinion, these guys are the cream of the crop in what they do.”


Be on the lookout for Other Slices, due out December 21st on Myriad Records. For more information on Slice the Cake and Myriad Records, visit them on Facebook.


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