I’ve sang the good praises of Warforged before and I’ll do it again!

Warforged’s new song ‘Lich King‘ takes the tried-and-true path of heavy music that commits itself to your memory, but with some pretty fitting operatic sections. I’m a sucker for some great clean vocals too, especially now that everyone and their tone-deaf father thinks they can sing. In fact, I urge you to check out the isolated vocals for ‘Lich King‘ below. There’s so much going on within the song instrumentally that I feel like it’s pretty easy to miss out on all the vocal intricacies and melodies.


All in all, I think Warforged are headed down the path of becoming a big name in the metal world. Now is the time to become a fan, this way you can be a snobby hipster and make claims about how you liked them before their debut and how you had a Pabst Blue Ribbon while reading the articles that really cool guy Red Bruschetta wrote about them before they were popular.

– GK



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