You know a release is going to kick a fairly substantial amount of ass when you can watch the studio updates over and over again because the riffs are sweet. Well, that or you just sit there with that awestruck look on your face pretty much anytime anyone in the band does anything with their instrument.

So to get all caught here, the first update was essentially an overview with some teasers for the upcoming teasers for the album. Fuckin’ teases, right? Yeah. The second update was all about the rhythm section of the band and exhibits some pretty difficult sounding parts, though they never seem to let technicality detract from musicality. Then there’s the third update, which can be viewed in all it’s splendor above.

When I saw the update encompassed “guitars and other tracking,” I assumed that meant “guitars with some keyboards and other stuff that’ll be mildly interesting.” I’m also wrong a lot. Pomegranate Tiger took my expectations for this album and absolutely trashed them by including some serious violin shred, pulsating vibraphone ambiance, and what I can only guess is the sampling of a bass drum. So, what the hell is Pomegranate Tiger’s album Entities going to sound like?

Something worthy of a Top 10 of the year list, that’s for sure.

As per usual, go check out their Facebook page if you haven’t yet, and try out if you’re a vocalist!

– GK


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