At one point in history, Victory Records were an important label that kickstarted the careers of many excellent bands and really made an impact on the hardcore and metal scene. Nowadays, they’re flandarized to the point of shit-shoveling and perpetual mediocrity — and that’s just the best part about them. They have a history of screwing over their artists, but this isn’t the time or place to get into that. What I’m getting at is that the roster of worthwhile artists on Victory Records is getting slimmer by the day, and they’ve recently lost another favorable artist in Within The Ruins, who just signed to eOne Records/Good Fight Music.

Here’s a statement made by guitarist Joe Cocchi:

“This is extremely exciting for us. We’re proud to be a part of this new family. We look forward to growing as a band with eOne / Goodfight now behind us, and we’re thankful to be working with people who care.The new album is complete! It’s also completely different so we’re very excited for our fans to hear it.”

So there’s now less reason to give your money to Victory Records! Good day! Expect the new album out early 2013.

– JR



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