As you may remember, Devin Townsend called out to fans asking them to perform along Epicloud lead single ‘Lucky Animals‘ and submit the resulting evidence to Inside Out Music for a chance to be in the song’s forthcoming video. While it took a little while for the footage to be edited together, the result is available for viewing pleasure! Metal Hammer unveiled the video earlier this morning, but you can feast thine hungry eyes below:

Said Devin on the video:

Hey guys!

So here’s what we came up with for Lucky Animals! We tried to use at least a clip from everyones contributions, I really hope we succeeded =I …The sync was a little difficult with some of them, and the quality varies between them all, but man… such fun! It’s a great feeling to see people having a good time, and it makes us feel great that we’re all having a good time with such a dumb song. Thanks a lot for this! Feel free to post your full videos on Youtube as well!

I regret not making an idiot of myself for this. Laziness, poor self-esteem, and procrastination, am I right? Epicloud is out now on Inside Out Music.

– JR

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