Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 8 years or so, Wintersun‘s Time I was one of the most anticipated releases in metal. It turned out to be a glorious explosion of uplifting symphonic metal, and you can read my review here.

Through a strange twist of fate, I ended up having two copies of the Europe-exclusive limited CD+DVD edition pictured to the right. As a result, I decided to give away one of the copies. The extra DVD contains an in-studio performance of the album, guitar tips and riffs by band members, Jari demonstrating how he recorded the album and some other random tidbits. It’s definitely worth obtaining, especially for free!

Well, we want you to entertain us though. We want you to recreate, reimagine, or reinterpret Cameron Grey’s artwork for Time I (above) in any medium you wish. Your entry doesn’t have to be good, just creative or amusing. Bonus points if you create something with physical materials. You can enter with MS Paint or photoshop, but why not stretch your creativity? Recreate the scene with popsicle sticks, macaroni, glitter, a photo — anything, as long as you can tell what it’s supposed to be!

Send your submission, your name, and address to mail[at]heavyblogisheavy[dot]com with the subject “Wintersun Giveaway” to win. I shall choose the most amusing, interesting and creative entry. A week seems fair, right? Good luck!

For reference, we previously held an art contest for Spawn of Possession‘s Incurso, and you can see the winners of that here.


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