Ovid’s Withering is one of the most talked about metal bands out there today. With intense, monolithic riffs and pounding drums all fronted by everyone’s favorite grumblegoblin JJ Polachek (7 Horns 7 EyesMonotheist), the listeners are in for a real treat with their new track “The Reckoning. The Summoning. The Purge.” The progressive elements are varied and will appeal to any metal head of any genre, with strong and prominent orchestral elements that adhere with the sheer heaviness that adorns the track. Although some people can get turned off by the idea of a linear concept, one listen will insure you that this will be a instant masterpiece.

This is part of a 5 song concept that will be on our full-length album.
The story follows Pan, who is engrossed with the idea of cleansing the world. This is Part II, where he kidnaps Anesidora from her lover, Prometheus.


(Pan) – “Kneel before the one wields eternity, or fall to the remnants of a broken empire Give up your lives..and set aside all your doubts.”He pressed forth, but on the third dawn of winter, desire ravaged as he searched for his love. Four sleepless moons had passed..all reminiscing of the night they met..when she bore into his soul. Prometheus, the torchbearer of suffering, hath traveled the edges of earth, to face the god of the wild..

For he was guilty of treason, And kidnapped a woman of heir! Oh how he longed for the touch and the kiss of his angel…

(Prometheus) – “I have had enough Pan non effugiat diem hanc! “Where are you?! This bastard eludes me again and again.. You will not simply disappear this time. This is the end.

And as he turned, the light left the corridor. The air grew quiet as the torches extinguished, and blackness engulfed the cave. Dillusions of grandeur consumed him as he closed his eyes..chanting incantations to the artifice of the forsaken throne.

(Pan) – “Stupid whore..we are destined to rule, but you’re a waste of my time I will not fall prey to the earth; or the makers who wield it. Open this box!”

-The Reckoning. The Summoning. The purge.-

(Pan) – “Obey me! I’ve asked you this question again and again.. We have no time for this, my dear…its time. This is the end.

One by one, I’ll slaughter them..I will take my own life if I have to…
Anesidora, the essence of death is entwined to our melody”

(Prometheus) – “Enough. I’ve come to take her away..unhand her, and give her to me!”

(Pan) – “You are meddling in affairs far beyond your control, Prometheus..go away, go away!”

Then, engulfed in fire, he advanced on his enemy Cowering in fear, Pan was cornered… Suddenly, he grinned, snarling “I think I’ll keep her” as he pressed his dagger across her throat

(Anesidora) – “Release me ophidian..alas, I am the key to the terraphage..”

(Pan) – “The harlot is finally speaking…pity you’re just a bit late.”

The ground began to shake The structures surrounding fell to ruin

(Pan) – “You are treading on the grand design..”

(Prometheus) – “She’s innocent, just kill me in her stead!”

The girl began to shake As she witnessed the terror unfold before her
And with a wicked smile on his face
He smeared the blood of her lover off on her cloak

Wrought, she collapsed to the floor as she cried out to the heavens.
Begging and pleading..there has to be another means to this

(Anesidora) – You and I were meant to be as one.. We were meant to be forevermore..

Crimson filled the skies, as the storm began to circulate the cavern Drowning in avarice, he grabbed her by the arm Their bodies thin to shadow, as they descend upon the artificiant throne.

You can get the track for your own price here.

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