I was talking to a fellow contributor and we were talking about the relationship we have with our audience and that got me thinking about you guys! So let this be grounds for introduction! Tell us about yourself and if you come here daily/often! What are your favourite bands and who is your favourite contributor? Any particular posts or features you like?

Also, I want this to be a formal introduction to some of our contributors that have joined our ranks in the past couple of months. So in an effort to give us all more in common, we participated in picking 50 albums that we would take to the grave with us.  So check them out! Also feel free to make one for yourself and post them in the comments!

Remember, this post is about you and we want as much input as we can get! So if you’ve been visiting for years in silence, or just stop by once in a while, now is your chance to come out of the shadows and learn about us!

Alkahest – JR
Juular – EC
Nayon – NT
DamienTheOmen – DL
Tentaclesworth – CD
DeusExMachina – GR
Inhumed – SS
Denisovich – GS
Riptide – DA
Red Bruschetta – GK
Momento Mori – CK
Dia Artio – SM
Dethcaek – MW
Alucard – AD
Dr. Killjoy – AJ
Gaia – ST
Deadite – RB
Gein – MK
False_Nate – NS

– CD

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