Though only just beginning to make a name for themselves in the world of death metal, Stockton, CA’s Symbolik are already poised for strong footing. Pulling aspects from throughout the genre — particularly melodic and technical death metal with slight swathes of blackened thrash flourish — into an all-encompassing and diverse repertoire, the group released a free digital EP titled Pathogenesis in late 2011 that is just this month seeing physical re-release. To celebrate Pathogenesis getting the physical treatment, the band put together a lyric video for the EP’s closing track ‘Twin Fates.’ 

Speaking on the video, the band had this to say:

“This lyric video has been a fun collaboration between Symbolik and our good friend Charlie Vang. In making this video, we decided to use some of best live photos that we had of the band to showcase how much energy the music actually produces between us and the fans during our live shows. The photos are from various shows we have played over the past year and many of our friends and longtime fans can be seen among the masses. We felt that it would be a good addition to the video, so that anyone watching might be hitting replay just to see if they can find themselves in one of the shots. The visual effects were added to the background and images to keep the video interesting. We didn’t want something simple with the words just scrolling down as the song plays, as that can get boring pretty fast.

We also used images of our album art which was done by Mark Cooper/MindRape Art, so that people may get a better look at the amazing artwork used on our debut EP. The song we chose for this video, ‘Twin Fates,’ is the final track on the ‘Pathogenesis’ EP. We chose ‘Twin Fates’ not only because of how it progresses musically, but also because of how much the vocals stand out in this track. Right from the start, Chris is belting out his lyrics a mile a minute and he keeps it up for the entirety of the track, which definitely adds interest to viewers that are trying to follow along with the lyrics. If you think you’re a fast reader you might want to step up to the challenge of screaming along to this video, or you can just enjoy all the cool visual effects. The choice is yours! Either way, this is a fun and entertaining video that we made to share with the world and we hope you all enjoy it!”

You can view the lyric video for ‘Twin Fates‘ below:


Pre-orders for Pathogenesis are available at this location, though the EP is still available for free download here. Pre-orders ship out November 27th. Visit Symbolik on Facebook for impending updates on their upcoming full-length debut, tentatively due out by Fall 2013.

– JR

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