Both of my most anticipated upcoming releases are due out next week, and coincidentally enough, they’re both perfect for those looking for something more laid back and atmospheric. Deftones‘ new full-length album Koi No Yokan and How To Destroy AngelsAn Omen EP are now available for streaming across the web for advance listening pleasure for those who enjoy their rock more on the side of low-key ambiance.

Deftones’ Koi No Yokan has been getting a lot of buzz online, and while it’s without a doubt a brilliant record, it doesn’t capture me as immediately as Diamond Eyes did. Perhaps it’s more of a grower. It’s Deftones though, so of course it’s going to get its fair shake. The new HTDA EP is exactly what I hoped it would be; it not only continues the group’s established sound, but it offers enough in the way of new and diverse tones to make An Omen an engaging listen. Both releases are exciting, and you need to take time in the next week to listen to both.

Koi No Yokan and An Omen are out November 13th on Reprise/Warner Bros. and Columbia Records respectively.


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