TheMadIsraeli of No Clean Singing pointed me towards this little gem of a band called Gods of Eden. When I clicked “play” on their Bandcamp player, I was immediately impressed. It sounded like technical death metal done well. But then I kept listening. There was thrash metal. There was prog metal-esque clean singing. There was a flamenco section. There was a choir, an orchestra, pianos — everything. I know you’re just going to say this sounds like a trainwreck, but it’s not. It works. I even tend to be critical of Between the Buried and Me for their genre-bending elements, but here I was just blown away. It works because none of the elements are half baked. The tech death is Gorod-level. The progressive metal is as good as old Pain of Salvation. The death metal is reminiscent of Lost Soul. And each song they pull out new tricks from their sleeves, the awesomeness never ends. If I’m going to fully endorse one EP this year, it is this EP. You can listen to it right here:


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