Trent Reznor is a busy guy. He is constantly adding new business ventures onto his repertoire, as well as keeping up with multiple music projects, from his side project with his wife, How to Destroy Angels, and his increasing work on movie scores, and that’s not even mentioning the fact that he just had a kid, and he’s expecting another one very soon. But one project that he has let slip through the cracks is the one that has made him the most bank, Nine Inch Nails. It’s been nearly half a decade since the release of Halo 27, The Slip, and with the 2009 ‘Farewell Tour’, many of us believe that Nine Inch Nails had seen its final days.

However, Reznor recently talked to, and in the interview he discussed not only touring with Nine Inch Nails again, but also the fact that new music for the project is in the works. Reznor was asked by Rollingstones about the possibility of new music and he responded, “All signs point to yes… Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works.” Reznor also went on to say that there was a possibility of a new NIN tour as long as it “feels right.”

Right now Reznor is preparing for the release of How to Destroy Angel’s new EP, An Omen, on November 13th, as well as a possible full length as soon as quarter one of 2013. Regarding How to Destroy Angels Reznor had this to say, “Music videos will start to creep out pretty soon. You’ll hear about some live performances coming up. That’s going to happen next year. We’re just trying to have fun and try to give it its best shot for people to actually check it out. And that was one of the main reasons we decided to sign with Columbia.”

All of this is very exciting. One can only guess how hard it must be juggling all these various projects, but being one of the biggest names in rock music right now comes with some downsides, though it is obviously a great surprise to hear about new NIN, and I’m sure the rest of the community will welcome its release like the second coming of Christ.

You can read the full article on Reznor over at, and be sure to check back in with Heavy Blog, as I’m sure we’ll be covering this as more news develops. Cheers!

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