It’s always refreshing to hear electronica that expands beyond that of your average bass-dropping douchebag. Fortunately for us, Navene is much more interested in dropping ceramic body parts near Medusa’s bush than pleasing the common knuckle-dragger.

I’m pumped as fuck for this release. It’s everything I always hope electronica to be; well-written music and non-reliant on a few basic elements. Navene seems to have reached pretty damn deep into the bank of synths for this one too, and even gets a little slap bass in for some good measure. Sure, it wub-wubs here and there, but everything in moderation makes for a much better final product. It also helps that Navene has a pretty solid track record of both writing badass stuff and working with people who also write badass stuff. I guess you could say Navene is just a walking one-man badass party.

Go jam some tunes off Navene’s Facebook page until November 13th, when Human Design drops for free.


– GK


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