Band drama is often highly amusing and so very sweet. Case in point: Cattle Decapitation (above) have dropped off their current tour with Six Feet Under after Chris Barnes allegedly sucker punched Travis Ryan (center left). What!?

Here’s the skinny, collected via The PRP:

Travis Ryan:

“Chris Barnes is a fucking hack. I’ve personally passed on at least five Six Feet tours over the last 8 or so years because he pulls so much nonsense on the support bands because his ego is astronomical. We’re leaving the Chris Barnes Show tour today. Go to the Chris Barnes show and buy some of their merch. They need it desperately.”

“He couldn’t handle the fact that we were destroying him nightly on merch and talked shit about us on stage last night. I went to confront him about that and he sucker punched me as I was talking. He immediately RAN out the door and fled to his bus like he does every night when the two fans that are left for their show are trying to get him to sign something.”

“We’re leaving because we have no interest in bringing more people to the chris barnes show. There was no “fight”. He punched me, RAN away and a few people saw it. I just walked out told his tour manager the deal, wrapped up the merch and left.”

“Just don’t go to the show and please get the word out. Cattle Decapitation is not doing this tour as we no longer wish to bring people to his show. Cuz its HIS show. More than enough people have drilled that fact into us.”

“Here’s how chris barnes works: punches. Runs. Does the Rocky dance like he’s a badass on his tour bus he’s about to not fuckin afford.”

Chris Barnes:

“If you eat tofu you’ll get you’re ass kicked in a fight. #knocked out”

“Bottom line if you break into someone’s back stage start calling them names and get in someone’s face what do u think will happen?

Oh and Btw it WAS NOT a sucker punch. I didn’t even throw a punch.”

If what Travis says is true (and it has been known that Chris Barnes is less than pleasant to deal with on a certain front — the tofu remark makes that evident enough), then this is something absolutely ridiculous to him to be fighting over. There are two sides to every story obviously, but either way I’m sure whatever happened didn’t need to result in someone getting punched. The whole thing just reeks of immaturity, though I’m on the side of Cattle Decap out of principle.

So if you want to see Cattle Decapitation, you’re gonna have to wait until later this month when they hit the road with Dying Fetus and Cerebral Bore. Dates after the jump!

 Dying Fetus and Cattle Decapitation only

11/20 Trenton, NJ – The Backstage at Championship Bar
11/21 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus Bar
11/23 Roanoke, VA – Coffin House

Dying FetusCattle Decapitation, Cerebral Bore:

11/24 Atlanta, GA – Heaven at The Masquerade
11/27 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
11/29 Longview, TX – The Levee
11/30 Victoria, TX – Mario’s Ballroom
12/01 Corpus Christi, TX – Zeros Hard Rock Club
12/02 San Antonio, TX – Korova
12/05 El Paso, TX – House Of Rock
12/06 Tempe, AZ – Rocky Point
12/07 Los Angeles, CA – The Whisky
12/08 Fullerton, CA – Slidebar
12/09 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
12/10 Stockton, CA – Plea For Peace Center
12/11 Richland, WA – Ray’s Golden Lion
12/12 Seattle, WA – Studio 7
12/13 Boise, ID – The Venue
12/22 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar

– JR

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