Whitechapel’s latest offering is a monster. It’s making my year end list, and I raved about it when it came out, giving it a near perfect score. One of my favorite songs from the album was the closing track ‘Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence’, and I thought it could make a great music video. Lo and behold, they have compiled live footage of them playing it and synced the studio track along with it while touring Mayhem Festival earlier this year. The video can be viewed over at AltPress .

In addition, Whitechapel have announced that they will release a remixed and remastered version of their debut from Candlelight Records The Somatic Defilement in the Spring of 2013, this time on their current home, Metal Blade. Mark Lewis, the band’s producer for the past two records, will be handling the duties of the mixing and mastering, so it will definitely be awesome when it is released.

Their self-titled opus Whitechapel is out now via Metal Blade Records.

– SS

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