A couple of years ago, right about the time djent started to catch on but wasn’t really a “thing” yet, an instrumental band by the name of RXYZYXR made their name known online through a couple of singles and an EP. You may remember their rehearsal video for ‘Orgasmic Ceiling’ being featured both here and on Metalsucks at the time. Now two years later with a lineup rounded out by vocalist Tommy Wills and having shared stages with the likes of Protest the Hero, Veil of Maya, Vildhjarta, and Volumes, RXYZYXR have finally released their debut album LMNTS. We’re excited to share with you guys the official stream for the record, which can be heard via the SoundCloud player below:

LMNTS is out now, available for purchase at Bandcamp. Be sure to visit the band on Facebook, and check out a compilation of drum playthrough footage of LMNTS at Got-Djent!

– JR

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