This past Saturday, Revocation head honcho Dave Davidson (on the far right above) and new bassist Brett Bamberger (far left) got together with The Blaze 1330 for an interview, in which they talk about tons of cool stuff, such as the lyrical themes behind their new EP Teratogenesis (which we gave a 4.5/5) or Relapse’s rationale for letting the band record said EP with Scion A/V and release it for free. However, what is the most intriguing bit comes around the 5:10 mark, where Dave mentions that he is in a “pseudo-band” with The HAARP Machine/Ordinance drummer Alex Rudinger, and that they are demoing material. As the frontman and main songwriter of my favorite band ever, I am beyond excited at the prospect of hearing new material from Dave. And Alex is a beast of a drummer, always in command of his craft and able to play so many different styles. At the very least, you can rest assured that they’re both in good company.

Will it be anything similar to their existing projects? Will it be something totally new and crazy? Will it even happen? It’s probably best not to jump to conclusions here, but for now we at least have Dave’s word on it, so why not hope? Hear the full interview for yourself, and you be the judge of it.



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