Call it a coincidence, but November sees a celebration of sorts of the careers of two of the most respected names in sludge metal. Both Isis and Kylesa are releasing retrospectives this month, offering a collection of rarities from throughout both bands’ discographies. Isis’ Temporal serves as a bit of a retrospective release, and gives fans a collection of demos, covers, remixes, and tracks that saw limited release. Temporal is available this week via Ipecac Records. Check out the tracklist below:

Isis – Temporal1. Threshold of Transformation (demo) *
2. Ghost Key (alternate demo version) *
3. Wills Dissolve (alternate demo version) *
4. Carry (demo) *
5. False Light (demo) *
6. Grey Divide (demo) *

1. Streetcleaner (Godflesh cover)
2. Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath cover)
3. Not in Rivers, But in Drops (Melvins/Lustmord remix)
4. Holy Tears (Thomas Dimuzio remix)
5. Temporal *
6. Way Through Woven Branches
7. Pliable Foe
8. 20 Minutes/40 Years (Acoustic version) *

DVD (Official music videos)
1. In Fiction
2. Holy Tears
3. Not In Rivers, But in Drops
4. 20 Minutes/40 Years
5. Pliable Foe *

* Previously unreleased

Later this month, Kylesa will release a rarities collection From The Vaults, Vol. 1. From The Vaults serves to tie fans over with previously unreleased/limited tracks while the band are hard at work on their new record, due to see release in 2013. The rarities collection is due out November 20th on Season of Mist. Here’s the tracklist:

Kylesa – From The Vaults, Vol. 1:

1.  Intro  **
2.  Inverse  **
3.  111 Degree Heat Index ***
4.  Between Silence and Sound II ***
5.  Paranoid Tempo  **
6.  End Truth *
7.  Bottom Line II ***
8.  Wavering **
9.  Bass Salts **
10.  Drained **
11.  Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun **
12.  Drum Jam **

* New
** Previously unreleased/limited availability
*** Alternate Version

Be sure to check out these two new collections, but not before you delve into the prolific careers of both acts. If you’ve been meaning to get into the genre of sludge or post-metal, these are the bands you need to look into.

– JR


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