It’s easy to overlook, but when you stop and think of all the excellent forward-thinking metal that comes to us from France, it’s astounding. Some of the best bands to break in the last decade have been French, including Gojira, Gorod (above), Hacride, Benighted, and many more. Filmmaker Richard Delaume is highlighting this surging metal scene in his documentary, Metalbanger: The Art Of Violence, as he seeks to explain the artistic elements behind such brutal music. Here’s a synopsis from the director:

Metal, derived from Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal, is a music labelled as violent. It is also a genre of music listened to worldwide. Several documentaries have focused on the fans of Metal, but the musicians have only rarely been described. None of the films have explored the reasons that push artists to express their emotions through this controversial music genre, regrettably viewed in clichés and as an amalgam.

Metal is usually criticized for endorsing machismo and violent behaviour, for pushing people to suicide, or murder to towards alternative cultures. And the clichés on Metal amateurs are easy shortcuts: “they are stupid and are bad musicians.” I wish to tackle these clichés differently in this documentary…

Sounds interesting enough, but it needs funding for it to be available. The project is seeking backers in the Kickstarter-like crowd-sourcing site KissKissBankBank. Hopefully this documentary gets made, as it sounds very promising. You can check out a trailer for the film below.

Metalbanger, l’art de la violence. Français //english subs. from Richard Delaume on Vimeo.

– JR

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