Italy has been a hotbed for extreme metal bands in recent years, and  you can add Eyeconoclast to the ever-growing list of pasta-munching headbangers and riff makers. These Romans have a pretty notable lineup, featuring robot octopus/drummer extraordinaire Mauro Mercurio (ex- Hour of Penance, session work on Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Oracles) and guitarist Stefano Morabito, who also owns 16th Cellar Studios (every European death metal record ever). They play a thrashy and utterly insane style of death metal that manages to keep a well-developed structure and some smatterings of technicality while still giving out a big fuck you to the progressive tendencies demonstrated by their contemporaries in Sylosis and Revocation.

Take the track below, for example, which comes from their 2011 EP of the same name. Following the brief sampled intro, the song suddenly kicks in with  a freight train of a riff, ferocious vocals, and some stupidly fast blasting. It never lets go from there, even though there’s enough dynamics and variances to ensure it doesn’t grow old.  The sound is really modern, but in this case I believe that works in the band’s favor, as this is the type of aural assault which you want to hear in full effect.

Apart from this 3-song EP, Eyeconoclast also released a full-length in 2008 called Unassigned Death Chapter.  You can check out all of this stuff on their (gasp!) Myspace, buy it from their store, or just say hi on their Facebook page. The band is also working on a follow-up record, so expect more news from them in the near future.




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