Devin Townsend and Jed Simon perform SYL material live (photo via Terrorizor).

This past weekend on Saturday, October 27th, Devin Townsend performed in a sold-out career-defining retrospective show where he played material encompassing his entire career, outlining his life and mental state along each stop. The most buzzed-about portion of the show had to have been the two Strapping Young Lad songs that Devin & Co. performed with SYL guitarist Jed Simon. Despite Devin’s repeated protests in the past, fans still somehow took this to mean that hopes were high for a SYL reunion of sorts, or that Devin was going to start incorporating the material into Devin Townsend Project acts.

Devin took to Twitter to set the record straight:

I realize playing the 2 syl songs with Jed will lead to a ton of questions. I’m prepared for that, and have no desire to reform SYL.

Playing them was closure for me, and I love Jed. I love Strapping, but haven’t the same connection with the stuff. It was a one off.

And finally… no. I will not be playing SYL covers at future shows. Retinal was meant as a statement I suppose. #ballsout

The whole point of the show was about moving on…so…next! Tour started with Fear Factory today, Strasbourg tomorrow! =]

I don’t see how anyone could have expected otherwise, but there it is. I seem to be in the portion of his fanbase that enjoys his non-SYL work more, so I’m not incredibly bummed out over this. SYL is in the past, and if just isn’t feeling it anymore, then why expect him to begrudgingly play the material for the sake of it? Keep doing what you do, Devin.

– JR

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