All eyes will be on Born of Osiris for their forthcoming 2013 album. It will be a very proving record for them; The Discovery was a much raved-about record, but people seemed to attribute its success and flourish to then-new guitarist Jason Richardson. It’s easy to see how people would jump to such conclusions, as the band shifted in direction as soon as he joined. Now after the less-than amicable split with Richardson, Born of Osiris have to prove that it wasn’t Richardson’s influence that made The Discovery such an outstanding record.

Speaking on the new album, guitarist Lee McKinney (above left) said:

“I would say the direction of this album is along the lines of The Discovery, but definitely a lot heavier and a lot more focused when it comes to song structure. We’re trying to give each song a powerful, thematic feel.

This next record takes all of the best aspects of The Discovery and develops the ideas even further. We already have so much material that we plan on revising and refining over the next few months. While we do that we will still continue to write more and in the end I think we’ll pick the strongest 10-12 songs so we can drop the best BORN OF OSIRIS record to date.

On March 22nd we start recording the record with Nick Sampson. We’re very excited to work with him in the studio. He’s a shredder and aside from that a great engineer/producer. Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Emmure) will be handling the mixing of the project. We felt he was the best for the job since we have a lot of electronic elements in our music and he seems to be the master of all that these days.

Not to mention he obviously has insanely tight production and mixing skills. The disc is set for a summer release and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve created…”

Sounds promising! A more refined and heavier The Discovery sounds exactly what the band should be doing at this point; they’ve finally stumbled upon a brilliant sound for them, and it’s good to see that they’re developing it further. Keep your eyes on 2013! We’ll update you when something else happens!

– JR


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