Danko Jones – Rock and Roll is Black and Blue

In every metal-head’s life, there was a time when we listened to accessible music albeit classic rock on prime-time radio or the pop stars that our young minds were susceptible to. We all started with commercial and arena friendly jams and whether you’ve abandoned that kind of music completely, revisit it for nostalgia’s sake or you simply still enjoy it like a lot of us used to it still exists. While commercial music still has plenty of innovative and legendary bands such as Muse and The Foo Fighters respectively, there is a lot of rock and roll that just won’t stay dead. The AC/DC’s, Metallica’s, Aerosmith’s and Kiss’ of the world have long overstayed their welcome for the sake of monetization while not bringing anything new to the table. They take a lot of spotlight from bands who are the least bit interesting and fun. Enter Danko Jones, a Canadian hard rock three-piece that beckon a refreshing take on vanilla rock music.

Devin Townsend Reflects On Strapping Young Lad Material From Retinal Circus

This past weekend on Saturday, October 27th, Devin Townsend performed in a sold-out career-defining retrospective show where he played material encompassing his entire career, outlining his life and mental state along each stop. The most buzzed-about portion of the show had to have been the two Strapping Young Lad songs that Devin & Co. performed with SYL guitarist Jed Simon. Despite Devin’s repeated protests in the past, fans still somehow took this to mean that hopes were high for a SYL reunion of sorts, or that Devin was going to start incorporating the material into Devin Townsend Project acts.

Hey! Listen to Eyeconoclast!

Italy has been a hotbed for extreme metal bands in recent years, and ¬†you can add Eyeconoclast to the ever-growing list of pasta-munching headbangers and riff makers. These Romans¬†have a pretty notable lineup, featuring robot octopus/drummer extraordinaire Mauro Mercurio (ex- Hour of Penance, session work on Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Oracles) and…