UK death/thrashers Bloodshot Dawn caused quite a wave in the underground metal community when they released their self-titled debut earlier in January. Here we are, still in 2012, and they already have a new offering in the form of ‘Theoktony’, a single with an accompanying video to boot. If you’ve heard the album, you’ll be pleased to know that this track is more of the same goodness: killer riffs, galloping thrash beats, plenty of epic shredding, and a knack for perfectly balancing melody, aggression, and groove. The only thing that stands out as different about this song is the vocals. They’re more varied, which is definitely good and a welcome change, and they also sit higher in the mix, which…is up to personal preferences. I’m not that excited about it, but it certainly isn’t enough to detract from the song.

The video is a simple play-through video featuring plenty of footage from all band members. Nothing special, but just witnessing them perform is exciting enough. Especially when it comes to guitarists  Benjamin Ellis and Josh McMorran, who actually make full use of their 7-strings rather than chugging away on the lowest string. There’s something you don’t see that much in modern metal anymore.

‘Theoktony’ can be purchased for ₤ 0.75 from Bloodshot Dawn’s bandcamp page. It’s a measly sum, and all proceeds will go to charity, so you know what you must do.

– DA


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