It’s no secret that I’m a guy who loves the DIY aesthetic when it comes to bands. Nothing makes me smile wider than knowing an awesome record came from some awesome dudes in an awesome basement somewhere in an awesome upper-middle class neighborhood… Especially when those dudes have sick mosh riffment!

Ogden/SLC local homies Consumed By Silence are just the types of DIY, breakdown-loving bros that the self-release scene needs (let’s face it, it’s oversaturated with a bedroom djent project for every plural noun in the dictionary).  Earlier this year they released the sick ‘Systematic Collapse.’ A brutal single reminiscent of older Whitechapel.



After that, we got the more varied ‘The Arramental‘ single. It’s not quite as heavy, but has some cool chugged chord progressions and the awesome production of Stetson Whitworth (who worked on Chelsea Grin‘s awesome step-forward Evolve). And now we’ve got the new single ‘Illuminated’ featuring Gus Farias of Volumes. The song has some creepy overtones (a la that sick production work), and just generally sick breakdowns

So with all this sick moshing going on, you may be worried you’ll have to wait until next year for your next favorite mosh-friendly record, but not quite so.  The full-length The Tyranny of Tradition drops doomsday 12/21/12, and you can be assured when it drops, it’ll be doom for any weenies in the pit.

– NS

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