You may recall last year when I did a bit of an editorial highlighting an emerging sound that I called Post-Death Metal. Among the shortlist of artists that utilize the murky and powerful aesthetic was New York three-piece Flourishing. Their previous release The Sum Of All Fossils was a bit of a sleeper hit among the underground extreme metal community, and for good reason. The band has a dense sound that is only fit for those who enjoy a cerebral take on death metal, with brutally abstract musicianship filled with dark industrial atmosphere.

I was coincidentally thinking about Flourishing the other day. The Sum Of All Fossils came out last year, so with the average two-year album cycle, I imagined we’d be due for another piece of music from them in the next year. As it turns out though, we’ll be getting a new EP from them in the next month! The group’s new EP Intersubjectivity has just been announced, with album art available above. The EP will feature three new tracks, running at 20 minutes in length:

1) A Living Sundial

2) The Petrifaction Lottery

3) Intersubjectivity

Intersubjectivity will be out November 13th on The Path Less Traveled Records.

– JR

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