Do I even need to say it?

Terrible chuggawuggahbrocore group Dr. Acula have been in the business of displeasuring our existence since their inception (alright, admittedly at the time I enjoyed Below Me, but those were dark times), but no longer! The band have decided to call it a day and go do some other stuff, and I bet no one is more stoked than our writer Gunnar, who I was going to make review every one of their future releases. He gave their album Slander a review, and spoiler alert: it sucks.

Here’s some statements from some dudes, via Lambgoat.

Bill Graffeo: “After almost 8 years the band named Dr.Acula will be put to rest. Being the only original member that was left, it is very sad for me to actually have to say this. Dr.Acula started off as a joke back in 2005. Over the years we kept our sense of humour and pissed off many people. I have nothing but love and respect for ALMOST everyone that’s ever been a part of DA. Especially my brother Kevin who saved this band on many occasions. I had quit the band a little less than a month ago. I had some personal problems of my own holding me back from continuing with DA. Most importantly I could not handle the ‘sketchy’ things some people would do within the band itself. Casey, Oli and Chris will always be my dearest friends. Thank you to everyone that’s ever given DA a listen, wether you liked it or not you were a part of this. Unlike some people, I never forgot the roots of this band and where our success came from.”

Oli Miclett: “It’s time for us to move on to new stuff. This band wasn’t going in a direction that pleased everyone in DA. Some members kept cancelling tours for no valid reasons, without respect for the fans. With the departure of Bill and the cancellation of our European tour, Casey and I decided to part ways with the rest of the band to concentrate on a new band with a good friend of mine, Blake Moore (ex-Demolisher). We will announce the band and release stuff in January 2013.”

So yay, I guess. Another one bites the dust.

– JR


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