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If you were friends with me on Facebook — Which you’re not, because I’m a false, and thus a social pariah — you’d have found out this week that my favorite metal release of all time is The Odious’ That Night A Forest Grew EP.  When a single was dropped and a full-length announcement/studio-update made earlier this year, my pacemaker literally had to go into overdrive to keep me from doing of fanboyism-induced seizures.

Now, those righteous dudes have given us a second studio update, even though it’s more of a teaser, it still makes me feel like I did that time that I hooked up with this girl at a house party and she dipped for more beer after a few minutes of foreplay.  Out-of-context shredding, lulzy band antics, and random cute girls ahead, folks. This material seems to be some of their best yet, from what can be put together.  Go like the band on Facebook, check out their studio-update, and then tell them they’re good and lovely, and that they have the ability. I’ll be stockpiling an unholy amount of psychedelics in the meantime.


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