Scale The Summit are among our favorite instrumental bands. Each of their three records hold their own, and withstand our otherwise at times short attention spans and get repeat spins much after the fact. Their last effort The Collective was among my favorites of 2011, and definitely their best effort to date. The band are already poised to add a fourth record to their already impressive discography in 2013, with the band now beginning work on their new album.

Here’s a statement made by guitarist Chris Letchford about how things are looking so far:

We just started work on our next album. The material we have written so far is definitely pushing us into new territory. Very excited to see what we create! It’s been a lot of fun writing these songs with our new bassist, Mark Michell. He is a very skilled and talented guy, so these songs will definitely be our best yet! Looking forward to getting them all finished and recorded so we can get out there and play them live. Keep an eye out for videos and studio updates through our YouTube channel.

With this announcement came a new playthrough video from bassist Mark Michell for the track ‘The Levitated‘ from The Collective. You can check that out below:


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