Sometimes — not very often, but sometimes — symphonic metal peers its goofy little head out from its ‘try-hard’ rock of goth kids and wannabe ‘trve kvlt’ black metallers and does something awesome — see bands such as The Bridal Procession, Abigail Williams, etc. This is just one of those times.

Symphonic deathcore band Lorelei have just dropped their first single ‘The Dunwich Horror‘. The symphonics on this track are just as creepy and badass as the H.P. Lovecraft story for which it’s named — if you haven’t read it, go get a collection of his stories that has it, as it’s one of the best.  Combine that with some legitimately sick breakdowns, and catchy riffs in both the deathcore and death metal stylings, and you’ve got essentially next-level Winds of Plague. And seeing as that band has moved into a more hardcore-driven sound and left a void in the “Legit Good Symphonic Death(core/metal)” list, I can easily see Lorelei stepping in to take over after they finish with all that 2013 shit.  Check out their track, featured on Total Deathcore’s youtube channel, then go like them on Facebook and ask them if they’re planning on touring to Yaddith anytime soon.

– NS

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