I’m sure I’m not the first to make this assertion, but death metal, and especially technical death metal, can get pretty convoluted. Bands tend to do more of the same rather than take strides and make their own signature sound [You can say that for most genres, really – Juular]. For this reason it’s normally extremely hard for me to get into newer death metal. I always tend to lean towards older bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Death, Morbid Angel, — before they sucked— Suffocation, and the like. Though, there are some newer bands that do stuff I dig, like Obscura for example. They took the technical aspect and merged it with the slower, more traditional death metal style that I love. The Faceless incorporated cleans well into their music, and Rings Of Saturn made breakdown-filled technical death metal with awesome highs. Be that as it may, I will, for the most part, always rely on older stuff to entertain my needs.

Which brings me to Kamikabe, a Pittsburgh based band that’s been around since ’03, but have only one record out, Aberration Of Man, on Unique Leader Records. It came out at the tail end of August this year, and a friend had told me about them, and I instantly loved what I heard. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world, but they blend tech, traditional death, and even some progressive elements into their music, which is something that any music fan should appreciate, especially those looking for a fun new release that really gets you going. You can stream it from their Bandcamp, but I highly recommend that you buy it, seeing as it’s only $9.99, which is around the same price you would pay for it on iTunes. Also, hit them up on Facebook to stay tuned for tour updates and such.



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