For fans of intense progressive rock and metal, the news that Porcupine Tree were taking a break for the foreseeable future was a bit of a disappointment. Admittedly, Steven Wilson’s solo outings are just as phenomenal as his albums with Porcupine Tree, but there’s just a certain magic that comes from an album that’s performed, and written by a full band. Even if the overall writing is attributed to one member, it’s nice to see those familiar face behind the instruments.

Luckily for all of the Porcupine Tree fans, we will soon get to see just that, very soon, as the band are preparing to release a new live double CD album, Octane Twisted. While I’m sure this release won’t satiate everyone looking for new PT, it should be enough to tide over many of us, myself included. Octane Twisted features a live recording of Porcupine Tree’s latest studio effort, The Incident, performed in its entirety at the Royal Albert Hall in Chicago on two separate discs, with a special edition also featuring video of the performance.

For those wondering if this release will be up to par, or for those simply looking to expand their catalog of live Porcupine Tree songs, you can download the song ‘I Drive the Hearse’ here. All you gotta do is give up your email, and it’s yours.

Full details regarding Octane Twisted, as well as the option to pre-order, can be found at Burning Shed. Porcupine Tree’s Octane Twisted is out November 19th.

– EC


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